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Be In Control Of Your Water And Energy Bills And Save From $5.00 to $1,000's Monthly! Install Water and Energy saving Showerheads, Faucet Aerators and toilet accessories and start saving immediately!

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Metric Faucet Adapters For Non-Standard Faucets are available also Order Page.

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 Shower Flow Control Valve - NEW!

Handheld Showerhead Available

1.5gpm Handheld Chrome Kit  now available!


  Caché® Clip With 4 Keys

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0.35gpm Aerator NEW

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 Earth Showerhead Special 1.25gpm new!

Cache Sizes Available

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  Adapters For Non-Standard Faucets are available also Order Page.

  Adapter Guide

Adapter Kits includes 17 adapters to solve almost any thread issue found at home or in the field. The Washer Kit has an assortment of regular and junior size washers. The Shower Solution Kit features two different products and three different flow rates for shower retrofit and the Water Saving Aerator Kit contains a wide selection of water saving products.

Adapters Cache.pdf Guide

     Pro Adapter Kit Retail: $52.75  

    10 Pro Adapter kits for: $400.00

  Water Saving Aerator Kit Retail: $89.00

   These 4 keys will help you remove most CACHE aerators. The handy key ring keeps them together and includes one of each size cache aerator key: regular size, junior size, tiny junior or tt size, tom thumb or tt size. Fits most Delta and Moen Cache Aerators.  Keys included are M24x1 (Regular), M21.5x1 (Junior), M18.5x1 (Tiny Junior) M16.5x1 (Tom Thumb). Retail: $10.00/each 

     Aerator Wrench -for removing faucet aerators the easy way.   NSKY7 at: $10.00/each   


      Vandal Proof Aerator Remover (one hand removal) : NSKY4 at: $10.00/each  (out of stock)


Special  hygienic features:

  • A splash free crystal clear (non-aerated) stream.
  • Built-in Agion antimicrobial product protection.
  • Water and energy saving (flow rates- 0.35gpm, 0.5gpm,1.0gpm,1.2gpm,1.5gpm available).
  • Unique screen less 100% plastic Cascade® construction to prevent lime build up (no wire mesh screens).
  • Virtually unbreakable single piece insert to ensure a longer useable life.
  • Recommended for use in healthcare facilities.

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Save money on your water and energy bills, while conserving our precious natural resources. To help you do that we also have: (If any of these items interest you please give us a call or E-Mail)


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