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  • The Earth™ Showerhead - Get a great shower and efficiency into any bathroom with the Earth showerhead. Rated #1 showerhead in USA by leading industry magazine. Features include; 9-Jet Turbo Massage - Forceful to Gentle, relaxing massage mode, adjustable spray and pressure, responsive flow control, 10 year Warranty, self cleaning, installs easily by hand and without tools. Certified California Energy Commission . In Chrome finish.. Actual Size: 2-1/2" x 3-3/4".  Now available in 1.75gpm and 1.5gpm. Sale Price: $9.50 SALE for limited time

    NS2920CW  Chrome 2.0gpm out of stock  
    NS2917CW Chrome 1.75gpm OUT OF STOCK -call for case orders 50/case
    NS2915CW Chrome 1.5gpm  



    Sale Price:$9.50 - (regular $17.95 - $35.00)

    The Earth™ Showerhead - Get a great shower and efficiency into any bathroom with the Earth showerhead. Rated #1 showerhead in USA by leading industry magazine. Features include; 9-Jet Turbo Massage - Forceful to Gentle, relaxing massage mode, adjustable spray and pressure, responsive flow control, 10 year Warranty, self cleaning, installs easily by hand and without tools. Certified California Energy Commission 2.5gpm. In White finish.. Actual Size: 2-1/2" x 3-3/4"

    P/N NS2925 White 2.5gpm   out of stock call for quantity.
    NS2920 White 2.0gpm  out of stock call for quantity.
    NS2917 White 1.75gpm out of stock -call for case orders only 50/case
    NS2915 White 1.50gpm  out of stock call for quantity.
    NS2912 White 1.25gpm (NEW ITEM)out of stock call for quantity.

    Handheld Earth Showerhead Chrome Kit


    Ergonomic luxury with peak performance with greater force at lower pressure! Corrosion resistant, 2.0gpm at 80psi, 5 year warranty, 59" swivel tangle free hose. P/N NS2935CW Retail Price: $19.50   out of stock - call for case quantities

    NS2945CW 1.5gpm Handheld Chrome Kit. Retail Price 1 case: $234.00- only $198.00/case of 12 New Item!      

    NS2935HHW 2.0gpm White Handheld retail price: $18.50   out of stock call for case quantities

    All Handheld Showerheads - Combines ergonomic luxury with peak performance.  Flow control technology: greater force at lower pressure!

    * Conserves water and saves money while enhancing pressure, performance, appearance and luxury!
    * Consistent flow rate regardless of water pressure
    * 72-inch, tangle-free hose
    * Non-removable flow compensator
    * 9-jet turbo massage: settings from forceful to gentle
    * Non-aerating spray means less temperature loss with maximum energy savings
    * Saves 20% more water and energy than a standard 2.5 GPM showerhead - that’s 3,650 gallons of water annually!
    * Self-cleaning and maintenance-free
    * Corrosion-resistant, high-impact ABS thermoplastic body
    * Installs easily by hand and without tools
    * Fits all standard showerhead arms
    * Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications
    * 10-year guarantee

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    Here are some comments from some of our customers.


    I just HAVE to thank you. The adapters worked perfectly, so I am now able to use the portable dishwasher I got for $50. I have 5 teenagers and cannot describe what a lifesaver this is for me.

    And thanks again for noticing my double order AND the quick refund. You have a stellar business!



    From Tye -

    Hard to find find item, thanks for getting me the exact part I needed quickly.
     Extra Long Male Aerator Adapter with 13/16 x 27 Thread. part NS359


    "Item arrived quickly and in said condition. All I had to do was screw the hose on and it has been working great since I installed it a couple of weeks ago."



    "What a great shower head. Nothing shy of the ones selling for four times as much over at Wal-mart. Came with screen and washer, similar to a washing machine connection for Debris free operation, no over tightening or tape sticking out under the threads... if you've ever done any plumbing you know how unsightly Teflon tape looks on your plumbing.. I got one for each bath. "


    From Sue - "Alexandria, KY"

    We got an Earth showerhead from our utility company when they did an inspection of our home to help us save energy.  It is amazing!  We've looked in all the standard places (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) tried their "water savers."  What a joke, I hated them.  When I went to the internet and found you, I was elated!  I'm ordering the 2.0 with the soak 'n' soap feature.  I never liked it that the water just went down the drain while soaping, shaving, etc.  Now it won't!  Thank you for your products!


    From Tyler  D. -"Port St. John, FL"

    "After swapping out my old 2.5gpm shower head for the new Earth massage 1.5gpm one, I couldn't believe my eyes - I couldn't believe that I was using less, much less water although it appeared as if I was using more.  The Earth massage's spray pattern felt better too, all in a nice compact design.  I couldn't wait to receive the water Eco Kit.  It's good to know that I'm not only saving on my water bill, but I'm also saving on my electric bill due to using less hot water.  You have an excellent product line!  I recommend this to anyone who not only wants to save on water and electric, but also to anyone who cares about their environment."

    Thank you

    From "Lyndhurst, OH"

    "We stayed at a hotel in Charleston, WV on the way home from vacation.
    They had the Earth showerhead, and I thought it was the best thing since
    sliced bread. I loved the "needles" hitting my skin. I looked all
    around my area after we got home because I wanted to purchase one, but no
    one carries it. So, to the internet I went; and there you were! The
    showerhead is wonderful, and I have told everyone I know about it".

    From "Mission Viejo, CA"

    "I recently received a shower head from your company and I like it so much I
    would like to order two more. Could you please email the ordering
    information so I may purchase them?"

    From "Wausau, WI"

    "We stayed at a Country Inn and Suites and when we used the shower it was exhilarating - Thank you for providing a great showering experience with the Earth Showerhead."

    From "Robert P.
    Ottawa, Canada"

    I originally bought a Prismiere showerhead about 10-15 years ago, and was
    thrilled to find out how well it worked, particularly because I live in a
    house built in 1931 and the plumbing is mostly original galvanized pipe
    (very low water pressure).  You would never know I had low water pressure
    using the Prismiere.  It provides a steady, forceful and even water flow.
    The narrow plastic neck near the swivel joint finally gave out (I've noticed
    that the new design recognized this minor flaw and now incorporates a steel
    piece at the neck).  I searched a number of local stores, but was unable to
    find the same showerhead again, so I took to the Internet, and finally
    located the showerhead at NRG Savers. 

    I ordered 2 of them this time, so I'd have a back-up if and when I need a replacement.  The Prismiere is one of those inexpensive, well-designed products that doesn't get much notice, but
    if you've had experience with other showerheads, you really appreciate this
    one.  NRG  Savers also had the best prices around, and was quick to respond
    to my request.  Thanks again.

    Thanks A HEAP! Marilyn- From USA

    To: sales@nrgsavers.com
    Date: Tue,

    O.K. let me tell you! I buy online and I sell on auction sites, I have bought 5 different shower heads trying to find one that really did what it said it did. I have a well so you can imagine the little spray that I get. I have lost a lot of money buying these darn shower head! BUT YOU! YOU ARE THE ONE! THE BEST! I don't want to even get out of the shower! I have never emailed about a good or bad product that I have received before, but this item is so wonderful  I had to let you know how I felt. Also, I was trying to remember when I was ordering it I  believe there was a section where it said "if you want this item shipped to another address" (if it wasn't you it was one of the junk shower heads) anyway I love this product so much I would like to add it to the items that I sell.

    Dixie  -  From USA

    I ordered the Universal Spa Gold Series Oxygenics Showerhead for low
    pressure.  Let me tell you -- it is wonderful!  I've lived in this house for
    18 years and am now able to take a wonderful shower!  We have a well and
    though we have lots of water, the pressure left a lot to be desired.  Wish I
    had been able to have one of these years ago.  I finally feel that I can get
    all the shampoo/conditioner out of my hair and all the soap off my skin.

    From Andover, MN

    I received the Earth Showerhead in the mail and loved it. I found
     your site and I want to buy another for my cabin. Its hard to believe this
     shower head actually saves water because it feels so

    From Janet, 

    I am printing out the order form right  now and will mail it ASAP. One will do for now. Sorry to hear you discontinued the white ones (Oxygenics Handheld). Will need more later when we rebuild. I have found I just can't live with out that hand held shower. thank you for your help. Jan

    From: Charlie,  "Indianapolis, USA"


    I just wanted to thank you for the quick ship on my Oxygenics Handheld Showerhead. I've had one for over a year and this one's for my son's new house. Thanks again. Charlie

    From: Robert,  "Saratoga Springs"
    State: NY

    I just wanted to say that we got those 2 chrome 1.75 showerheads the
    other day.  We've been using them and they work great.  I can't notice a
    difference between them and the other 2.5 gallon type that we had.  The
    chrome also looks good too.  Thanks again for your help.  I even told
    my plumber about you.  
    Best regards,

    From: Jamaica Plain, MA

    Hi There -
    I already bought one of these 1.5gallon Oxygenics
    shower-heads from you. It's excellent - everyone
     should have this super water saver.

     From : Johanne,  "Hallandale Beach, FL"

       I received the two shower heads I ordered and I must
      tell you that the service was outstanding.  I
      expected 6-8 weeks for delivery and received the
      order in less than one week.  Congratulations.  In
      addition, the shower head works very well and I get
      a lot more water pressure.  It's a great product.


    From : Mike , "Seattle, WA"

    Your aerator parts fit perfectly into the old aerator body from the faucet.  Problem solved!  Thank you for continuing to help me with getting this solved.  I'll definitely recommend you guys to anyone looking for water-saver parts.

    Thanks again,


    From:  Michael,   PA

    I just placed an order for two of the Earth shower heads.  12 years ago we had our home checked by the power company that supplies our area, to try and make our home more power efficient.  They had gone over our house from top to bottom.  They had recommended some insulation modifications, and other energy saving upgrades.  They also had given us a few energy saving items, one was an Earth shower head.  The first time I showered with it I was amazed that a water saving shower head could perform that well.  I have put in a new bathroom and fixtures and the old Earth shower head accidently got lost.  I have not been able to find a shower head that worked as well as that one and I have tried at least 8 different models ranging in price from a couple dollars to $45 for a German designed shower head.  None could even come close to the performance of the Earth head.  I found the old Earth shower head and did a search for Earth Shower Heads on the internet.  When I saw you
     have them I immediately ordered two.  Thank you so much for stocking these shower heads.  It is absolutely amazing that none of the big fixture companies can manufacture a product like this.  I am sold and I will be back.  When we have guest over they always praised the shower head and asked where they could get one. I will refer them to your site.  Thank you, you have made my day!

    From: Brenda, State: HI
     comments: Thank you for making it easy to find and purchase hard to find faucet adapters! (www.nrgsavers.com/new.htm)

    From: Tim, USA

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply and resolution of the issue.  I really appreciate your help and look forward to making more purchases from your company.   

    From:  Rose,  Canada

    Hi There
    Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent customer service and how impressed I was on how quickly you handled my request.

    From: Dana, NH

    Just received the #NS335 Faucet adapter. worked great in adapting my faucet to the "C" pur water filter adapter. The "A" adapter has been a problem even after the upgrade. Prone to leaks and spraying. Thought you might want to put a note for others to benefit.


    Please  Contact Us  if you have any comments or questions. Thank You.

    Thank you for visiting NRG Savers and for your comments and interest!  

     Add your comments by writing to: sales1@nrgsavers.com

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