Terms and Conditions of Sale

How to Order

1. By email you can verify availability and shipping costs. Include Item Descriptions, Product Codes, and Quantity... our email address is: admin@nrgsavers.com Subtotal and add estimated shipping charges as indicated in the Shipping Information section.

2. If you reside in Minnesota, add 6.5% sales tax.

3. Include payment by mail to NRG Savers, Order Fulfillment, 9805 320th St., St. Joseph, MN 56374.

How to Pay

4. PREPAYMENT: By Check or Money Order. Goods will be sent upon verification of check. Please go to: www.nrgsavers.com/orderform.htm for an order form for you to fill out, print and mail back to us.

5. CREDIT CARDS: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express on select items. Go to: www.nrgsavers.com

6. C.O.D.: Sorry, we don't ship C.O.D.

Shipping Information

7. Shipping Charges will be adjusted in accordance with the actual cost and charged or credited to your account. When ordering by mail, be sure to include estimated shipping charges with order! The following is a guide when estimating:

In the continental USA, add 10% of the total product cost. The minimum shipping charge is $4.00. (If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, please email for a quote!)

In Canada, add 20% of the total. The minimum shipping charge is $15.00. Some areas of Canada may only be reached by air. These areas may have significantly higher shipping rates. Rates can be adjusted depending on location and weight.

8. Other countries: Email or Write for a quote based on specific products and specific quantities of those products. We can only export large orders to other countries at this time.

9. Orders are shipped within 1-2 days in the USA and within a week for Canada.

10. SHIPPING DAMAGES OR SHORTAGES: These should be reported to the delivery company as well as to NRG Savers immediately upon receipt of shipment.

11. US Mail Ground Service is our primary shipping method. All other methods are available upon request.

12. Return Policy NRG Savers guarantees your satisfaction with your purchase for 30 days from date of delivery. Products with manufacturer's warranties, which exceed 30 days, may be returned directly to the manufacturer according to their instructions.

13. Cancellation Policy.  You may cancel order prior to shipment. Please call us immediately at 1-877-363-4614 or email us at sales@nrgsavers.com. Most orders are shipped within the same day after being placed. If your order has already been shipped, simply send  the order back upon delivery.


If you obtain a lower quote, please let us know. We can often match or even beat the price!

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