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  • Volume 1 Issue 2000                                                   


  • Water Conservation 

    How to profit by Conserving? 

     Conservation to some is a dirty word meaning being deprived of something, but it should be looked at in a different light.

    The need for quality conservation products will increase as utility costs rise and demands to conserve our natural resources increases.

    Imagine conserving our natural resources and not compromising our comfort just adjusting it a little. Not only can that be accomplished, but profiting by doing just that is what will drive the efforts of all to “save the planet” through conservation efforts.

    There are a number of ways to profit by conserving. I don’t mean restricting water or energy usage to the point of no return. You do not want your customers or family to be upset because the toilet will not flush or the lights are to dim to see the burglar outside.

    The number one way to conserve and profit by it is through technology. Applying the products that are needed to the right location at the right time and with the right results so as to make everyone happy or think there happy.

    For Water Conservation

    1-       Tailor Flow Rates to Location.

    2-       Flow Rate Should Be Consistent Regardless of Pressure Fluctuations.

    3-       Apply Vandal Resistant Products in Public Areas.

    This is just three ways that will save you or your customer a load of money! “How much?” You ask. Look at this:

    ·         Half Bath/Public Restroom-

    2.5gpm controlled to 0.50gpm = 83-90% savings.

    ·         Lavatory Sink-

    2.5gpm controlled to 1.5gpm = 45-70% savings.

    ·         Shower-

    3-5gpm controlled to 2.0gpm = 30-70% savings.

    What does this small effort equal?



    Do not let your profits go down the drain. Whoosh!

    There it goes again. Increasingly expensive water being flushed away by your residents umpteen times a day. Flushing alone accounts for a staggering 40% of a resident's water costs. The rest is from showers, sinks and general water use. It's a manager's and building owner's nightmare, and you would probably think there is not much you can do about it. Well, think again!

    Now you can control your property's water and sewer costs, add thousands of dollars annually to your bottom line profits and actually increase the value of your property with a Residential Property Water Management Program.

    Will this effort increase your bottom line? You bet your bottom line it will. Will it make your customers or family upset?  No, because the flow rate is the right flow rate for the function it was designed for. And maybe nobody will even notice the difference because it’s the right flow rate.

    Just think the more NRG Saver products you install, the more you save. And that’s “Increasing Your Bottom Line."

    Of course a modest investment is necessary, but where have you ever made money without spending first? And this is a sure thing! The payback could be as short as one month of savings.

    Do not let your property leave you high and dry.

    For years, uncontrollable water and sewer bills seemed to be commonplace. That is because most buildings -- even those constructed as recently as five years ago -- were not designed with water savings in mind. Most are equipped with "high-flow" plumbing and other antiquated devices that can drain a water meter dry. On-Site Audit

    Finding out where water is being wasted.

     Develop your Individualized Water Management Program.   Conduct a detailed on-site audit and inspection of your property. Water usage at the faucets, toilets and showerheads should be precisely measured to form a representative sampling of your property's units.

    Obtain History of Water Usage

    The On-Site Audit data, combined with a history of your property's water consumption, should be analyzed to provide a highly accurate summary of where water is being wasted.

    Generate a comprehensive report that clearly shows present water usage, proposed conservation methods, cost analysis and increases in your property's valuation.

    With this ANALYSIS you will see the dramatic difference between your property's current water consumption and the potential water savings you will realize after installation of water saving devices.

    Now you will be in control of your property's water and sewer costs and adds thousands of dollars annually to your bottom line. Actually increase the value of your property with a Residential Property Water Management Program. The savings can start immediately and they will last for the life of your property.

    Tap into big SAVINGS, Immediately. Right now you can save anywhere from 30% to a dramatic 60% of your property's water sewer costs--without inconveniencing your residents or compromising their comfort. And without construction or disruption to your premises.

    Save $'s on your next water bill!

    See the results on your next water bill. When you start your Residential Property Water and Energy Management Program, you will be able to stop worrying about spiraling water and sewer costs. You will reap the rewards right away -- with real savings on your very next water bill. And the one after that, and the one after that. You will even save on your energy bills because you will be using less hot water. You will be extending the life of your plumbing and boiler systems. In addition, by substantially reducing your property's annual water costs you will also be increasing its profits, thereby increasing its value.

    Other great ways to save on water and energy costs like miniature fluorescent lights that not only reduce electricity costs. They outlast standard incandescent bulbs' three to four times, saving on labor and energy costs. Common areas, exit signs and stairwells can save tens of thousands of dollars annually in energy costs.

       In our next Newsletter we will look at the lighting and where savings can be found without compromising the comfort of your customer or family.

    This newsletter is produced for our customers and prospective customers and dealers throughout the country. We will try to bring some new concepts in conservation that will be of use to all. We are a water and energy conservation company dedicated to help our customers save water, energy and money.

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