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  • 0.35gpm Aerator is now available: $2.84/each   Dual Thread  NS620A :

    Also available in Male, Female, Vandal proof, Small Male, Small Female Threading. Contact for pricing at: CONTACT US


          Aerator Wrench -for removing faucet aerators the easy way.   NSKY7 at: $4.00/each

          Vandal Proof Aerator Remover (one hand removal): NSKY4 at: $5.00/each 

    The Hidden Aerator threads directly ( and disappears) into the faucet spout, making it vandal proof by design. Removal and installation is easy with the Cache` Key. The average cost is $3.85 and the flow rates are from: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.2gpm. E-mail us for hidden aerator ordering
    The Cache' key used to remove or replace the aerator.
    The Delta and Moen Kit includes ring, key and washer for $2.00  ORDER NOW

    The Bubble-Stream 2.2 gpm/0.5gpm (gallon per minute)  Dual-Thread Dual-Flow Spray Aerator, dual thread made with plastic and features a pull-down design to switch from a 2.2 gpm stream to a 0.5 gpm spray. Retail: $5.00 

    CASCADE SLC Aerator
    Smart Lime Cleaning (SLC) for a maximum lifespan of your faucet aerator: maximum lime resistance, no need to disassemble the aerator for cleaning, perfect stream quality even under difficult flow conditions, very low noise level, damage proof: unlike conventional wire mesh screens, the CASCADE structure can not be crushed, integrated anti-clogging dome screen filters sediments and particles, available with laminar stream as well:
    CASCADE SLC laminar (TJ Size)

    Just rub the lime away with a finger, and the faucet stream is straight and soft again. Retail Price: $4.30/each dual thread 1.5gpm. out of stock call for tray 50pcs orders

    Autoclean Aerator

    The AC (auto-clean) aerator with its auto-cleaning feature flushes out sediments and particles up to 0.7mm even after a long period of use with no changes in stream pattern or flow rate: no need to disassemble the aerator to remove debris from the dome screen, a perfect stream quality even in regions with difficult water conditions. Retail Price: $3.60/each dual thread 1.5gpm -out of stock call for 50pc orders


    The angle of the water stream can be adjusted directly at the aerator simply by moving the adjustable tilting plate.
    Sometimes when a faucet is installed with a wash basin, the faucet stream direction is less than optimum (water splashing, difficulty rinsing hand). NEOPERL designed the SSR to allow adjustments in the water stream direction on site without having to replace expensive faucet or basin. In the basic position there is no visual difference to the standard version. SSR aerators are 100% compatible with standard size housings, which means existing aerator inserts can easily be replaced. Retail Price: $3.55/each Dual threading (male, Female) 1.5gpm. Dual threading


    The best choice for hospital environments.
    A standard aerator draws air from surrounding environment 
     The room air can then contain harmful bacteria that are best kept out of the drinking water and the fine droplets produced by the aerator add to the risk of contamination by inhalation. While drawing air from the room around the faucet is no problem in residential and commercial applications, it can be a concern in healthcare institutions (hospital, senior care, medical labs).

    An increasing number of hospitals (including the Veterans Health Administration) now recommend using non-aerated devices referred to as "Laminar" and easily recognized by their crystal clear stream.




    Most kitchen swivel aerators switch from aerated to spray stream patterns by pulling down and pushing up. This design can damage the faucet spout and the base of the faucet.

    The new Vario switches from stream to spray with a simple twist and eliminates any mechanical stress to the faucet. With a new sleeker and compact design, Vario will give your faucet a contemporary look.
    This swivel features the Perlator aerator and a built in pressure compensating 1.5gpm flow regulator to maintain a constant economy flow.

    You are also protected against lime build-up, the Vario is constructed with flexible, rubber spray tips. The Vario uses an OEM quality lime resistant PCA Perlator Honeycomb, which allows the water flow to remain consistent through fluctuating water pressure. The Vario in Chrome retail: $12.95

    Also available in White 1.5gpm retail: $8.95

    PCA 0.35,0.5,1.0,1.2,1.5,1.8,2.0,2.2gpm  Pressure Compensating ultra low flow faucet sprays, non-aerating. Flow rate remains constant at 20-80psi.
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