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The Earth Showerhead
- Inject dramatic style and efficiency into any bathroom with the Earth showerhead. Rated #1 showerhead in USA by leading industry magazine. Features include; 9-Jet Turbo Massage - Forceful to Gentle, relaxing massage mode, adjustable spray and pressure, responsive flow control, 10 year Warranty, self cleaning, installs easily by hand and without tools. Certified California Energy Commission 2.5gpm. In Elegant Chrome/White finish... P/N NS2925 Retail Price:$10.95 Web Store

Prismiere showerhead
Dual Flow Showerhead "The Prismiere Showerhead" Don't let the jewelry-like prism design of the patented Soap-n-Soak showerhead fool you because it will save you more water, energy and money than any other showerhead we know. Certified California Energy Commission, 10 year warranty, Adjustable settings from soft to forceful. Available at 2.5gpm, 2.2gpm, 2.0gpm. P/N NS2825 Retail Price: $8.95Web Store


   Oxygenics Showerhead provides a vigorous, refreshing shower despite low water pressure and also saves water. Provides a brisk spray at pressures as low as 3psi. Standard models operate at pressures ranging from 20-120psi. All Spa 2001 models are available in 2.5, 2.0 or 1.5 gpm flow rates. (Liters per minute equivalents are 9.5, 7.6 and 5.7.) Lifetime Non-Clogging Warranty!
Certified by California Energy Commission
ANSI Standard A112-18-1M1994
Lifetime Non-Clogging Warranty
Easy to Install
Available in both American and B.S.P. Standard 1/2" Pipe Thread
Made in America
NS600XLF 2.0gpm  Retail Price: $24.95  Web Store

Shower Flow Control Valve - Be in control of your  water usage. Controls the flow rate of your showerhead without replacing it. It connects to the shower arm before the showerhead and is small enough to be somewhat un-noticeable. Available in these flow rates. 1.5gpm, 1.75gpm, 2.0gpm, 2.5gpm. Retail Price: $4.75 Web Store

Shower Arm
Shower Arm Chrome-plated brass. Heavy-duty with 1/2" thread and is available in 6" and 8" sizes. P/N NS3160 Retail Price: $3.50

toilet tank bank
Toilet Tank Bank When installed in tank type toilets, the famous Tank Bank will save nearly 1 gallon of water every time you flush. Install it in seconds without the use of tools and derive years of savings. P/N NS3137 Retail Price:$2.25 Web Store

Toilet Tank Dams Constructed of high performance stainless steel and encased with premium grade Thermo-Plastic rubber. Two anti-slip ribs at both ends insure dams remain in place when installed. The Dams also have sealing capability on all four sides for proper installation. SAVES up to 2.5 gallons per flush. P/N NS3130 Retail Price: $6.75 Web Store

"Frugal Flapper"  Adjustable end cap for optimal performance. Savings up to 50%/ flush! Polymer construction will outlast thermoplastic. NS3147 at: $6.50 - 144/case Web Store

toilet flapper           
Short Flush Toilet Flapper For maximum toilet efficiency, the patented short flush replace flapper is definitely the way to go. Made of premium thermoplastic material, it can save you as much as 2.5 gallons of water ever time you flush. P/N NS3145 Retail Price: $5.50 - 144/case Web Store


Faucet Sink Aerator 1.5gpm- Reduced splash and noise generation make our "gentle flow " sink aerator more than just a simple water and energy saver. Its high-luster chrome-plated finish is as pleasing to the eye as its gentle spray is to the touch. Available in 0.5gpm (gallon per minute), 1.0gpm, 2.2gpm. P/NS620 Retail Price: $1.95 Web Store


dual flow aerator
Deluxe Touch Dual Flow Faucet Aerator This high luster chrome plated sink faucet aerator is one of the most popular water & energy savers. Its on/off finger tip control feature allows you to temporarily discontinue the flow of water without readjusting the mixture controls. P/N NS3101 Retail Price: $5.75 Web Store


variable swivel aerator
Variable Spray Swivel Aerator Maximum swivel capabilities and variable spray modes make this water and energy saver a real winner. Reach every corner of your sink with a forceful spray or stream flow pattern. P/N NS3115D Retail Price: $5.25 Web Store

Vandle proof

Tamper Proof Faucet Aerator. Ideal for hotels and commercial use. Comes with locking key. Brass/chrome plated high quality finish. Works well for kitchen and bathroom faucets and stays where you put it. Meets or exceeds ASME standards. Comes in flow rates of 0.5gpm, 1.5gpm, 2.2gpm with male or female threads. P/N NS3205 Retail Price: $5.10

Laminar Non-aerating faucet spout end device. A non-aerating, pressure compensating, from 20-80psi (0.5gpm, 1.0gpm, 2.2gpm max, 8.3L/min) laminar flow faucet device designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes and medical laboratories to prevent airborne bacteria from entering the water stream. P\N NS520 Retail Price: $5.50 for dual thread.
Vandal-resistant models also available with special locking key! View Selection

Other Laminar Flow devices that we have are available with four (4) different flow rates to choose from depending on the application. 0.5gpm (gallon per minute), 1.5gpm, 2.0gpm, 2.5gpm are available. Tailored flow rates will give you the right amount for each application and it is pressure compensating from 40-120psig to maintain a constant flow rate. P/N A-212. Retail Price Starting at: $7.00 for dual thread. OMNI Products Distributor.

  The 10pcs Kit has the Earth 1.5gpm showerhead, 1.5 GPM swivel kitchen aerator,(2) 1.0 GPM dual thread bathroom aerators, Package of dye tablets with instructions, Toilet displacement tank bank, Toilet fill cycle diverter, Roll of 1/2" x 30" Teflon tape, Shower flow rate bag. NS3166 Retail Price: $24.95  Web Store

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