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    New Money saving Electronic Light Bulbs Glow On and On for 10,000 Maintenance-Free hours!

    Next time you're at the supermarket or hardware store, check how long the light bulbs are rated for. 750 hours? 1,100 hours? Forget it. You  will not benefit from these light bulbs and they may even hamper your energy saving goals. These new electronic bulbs are rated for a full 10,000 maintenance-free hours! They deliver the same illumination as an incandescent, but consume about one-quarter the amount of electricity. Ideal for table lamps, ceiling fixtures, hanging lamps, track lighting, weatherproof outdoor fixtures, and all hard-to-reach places. Lights instantly, no flicker. Low-profile pocket size fits most fixtures. Not for use with dimmers.

    Warm Glowwarm glow Warm Glow
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    Warm Glow Bulbs
    These compact bulbs provide a low-profile design and a soft, warm glow comparable to incandescent light. Great looking for open fixtures, The 15-watt globe is only 3.75" wide and 5.125" high and is equivalent to a 60-watt bulb. The 25-watt globe is 3.75" wide and 5.3125" high and equivalent to a 90-watt bulb. The 15-watt tube measures 2.375" W x 5.312" H, and is equivalent to a 60-watt bulb. The 28-watt tube measures 2.75" W x 6.656" H, and is equivalent to a 100-watt bulb.
    Compact Fluorescent Globe (Item # NSG4019)
      Warm Glow 19Watt (shown right)
    Price $17.50
    Compact Fluorescent Globe (Item # NSG4020)
      Warm Glow 25 Watt
    Price $17.50 


     Compact Fluorescent Tubular (Item # NSG4021)
     Warm Glow 15 Watt (shown left)
    Price $17.50


    Triple Tubetriple tube bulbs Triple Tube

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    Triple Tube Bulbs
    The Philips electronically ballasted, triple design are the smallest energy-saving lights on the market. Fits in table lamp harps as small as 8 inches for the SLS-15 and SLS-20, and 9 inches for the SLS-25. The 15-watt SLS-15 replaces a 60-watt incandescent, and is 5 inches long. The 20-watt SLS-20 replaces a 75-watt incandescent and is 5.5 inches long. The 25-watt SLS-25 replaces a 100-watt incandescent, and is 6 inches long. Now with dimming feature. 6/case

    Compact Fluorescent (Item # SLS-15)
    Philips Triple Tube 15-Watt (shown bottom)
    Price $19.25
     Compact Fluorescent (Item # SLS-20)
    Philips Triple Tube 20-Watt (shown middle)
    Price $20.25
    Compact Fluorescent (Item # SLS-25)
    Philips Triple Tube 25-Watt (shown top)
    Price $21.25

    Outdoor TubeOutdoor Lamp Outdoor Bulbs
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    Outdoor Bulbs
    Philips Tubular Electronic Bulb for indoor/outdoor use, 75 watt output, uses only 18 watts. Polycarbonate and prismatic diffuser lens keeps dirt from settling -- excellent for bare-bulb use. This bulb measures 2.9" W x 7.2" L. 
    Compact Fluorescent (Item # SLO-18)
    Philips Tubular 18-Watt Outdoor -6/case
    Price $15.50


    Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) 13watts = 60Watts. Small compact size, soft pleasing light, electronic flicker-free starting.   Soft White 60.

     1 CFL lasts as long as 8 incandescents.  Order Now!  $2.50/each. A pack of 8 for the whole house just $20.00. NS0315

    SALE!  20watt Compact Fluorescent Spiral for; $3.10/each call or e-mail for details. Sold in case quantity.
    Style Shape Watts Equiv. Lamp Life CRI Quantity
    NS0811 Spiral 11 40 10M 82 (10/case)
    NS0815 Spiral 15 60 10M 82 (10/case)
    NS0820 Spiral 20 75 10M 82 (10/case)
    NS0824 Spiral 24 100 10M 82 (10/case

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